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An Mortal Kombat Fan sent me a custom blanket.

MK2 fans are very loyal. Phillip Ahn, M.D. has received admiration, fan mail and gifts from fans all over the world.

This fan recognized Shang Tsung from MK2 (a real life doctor) and Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat Legacy (who plays a doctor on Chicago Med). 

This heavy metal fan is also an MK2 fan. 

Phillip Ahn, M.D. on stage with Daniel Pesina in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The fans treated us like rock stars!

Phillip Ahn, M.D. on stage in Cordova, Argentina with Daniel Pesina.

Phillip Ahn, M.D. got to dance with these Anime singers in Argentina.

These Argentinian MK2 fans welcomed us at the Buenos Aires airport like we were stars.

Phillip Ahn, M.D. with Daniel Pesina and Argentinian fans at the Buenos Aires airport.

A fan from Argentina presented Phillip Ahn, M.D. with this personalized MK2 pen.

Phillip Ahn, M.D. and Daniel Pesina with a Pakua instructor in Buenos Aires.

These fans in Buenos Aires took Phillip Ahn, M.D. and Daniel Pesina out around town.

Phillip Ahn M.D. with this fan from the Netherlands.

Phillip Ahn M.D. with fans from Malta.

Figurines of Phillip Ahn, M.D. and other MK characters on display at the Galloping Ghost Arcade.

Fans love to pose for Phillip Ahn M.D.'s most famous fatality.

Phillip Ahn, MD, is an accomplished family physician and lifelong martial artist, who transformed from a shy and insecure boy to a confident yet reserved and appreciated leader. Throughout his life, Phillip has overcome obstacles to pursue his dreams and encMounter unique experiences, like becoming Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat 2

Mortal Doctor was created so that his fans, friends, and family can better understand him and become inspired to make the most out of every God-given talent and opportunity.